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Spider Booms

These access platforms can be used in locations that conventional access machines are not suited due to size or weight. They also have the following benefits:- Road Towable with suitable vehicle Working heights from 15 metres to 23 metres Narrow width from 780mm to 1050mm Weights from 1800kg to 2800kg Low point loading / ground pressure for indoor /outdoor use All dual powered by engine or electric motor Compact LOW ENOUGH to pass under standard 2.0 metre high doors. NARROW ENOUGH to pass through 780mm gaps. Versatile OUTDOORS tracks powered by engine. Works in areas that conventional platforms can not access. INDOORS switch over to electric power (All units are dual powered. Fitted with engines and electric motors.) Used in shopping centres, sports halls, public buildings. Lightweight LOW GROUND PRESSURE allows working on floors that conventional platforms are too heavy for. e.g. tiled floors, bridges, wooden floors, mono block , slabs etc Height & Reach HEIGHT 200kg cages can allow 2 people in the cage with working heights up to 23 metres. REACH up to 10 metres Working on slopes & Uneven Ground Legs can be off-set to allow levelling the machines on sloping or uneven ground. Hydraulically operated legs make it easy to level the chassis. Most units have self levelling facility